Gulab Pitha/ Gulap Pitha

Long time, blog readers! Anyways nice time of the year to get back isn’t it? Deepavali or Diwali is just tomorrow and it’s almost a sin if u don’t dish out a sweet or two! So, here is something that I tried out this Diwali. it’s something that I bookmarked from Pinterest almost an year ago and had been mustering courage to try it out. Yes, it seemed very difficult and intricate but trust me, it’s not that tough and if you have little bit of patience you can easily amaze your friends and family with this amazing sweet!
The sweet is an authentic Bangladeshi sweet. I have never tasted it before but went thru almost all the recipes that are available in the blogosphere and almost all of them follow the same measurements.
‘Gulab Pitha’/ ‘Gulap Pitha’ is sweet made of all purpose flour/ maida and is shaped like a rose flower filled with sugar syrup. Needless to say it was so indulgent. Let’s get to the recipe now.


1.Maida – 1 Cup

2. Whole milk – 1 Cup

3. Salt – a pinch

4. Sugar – 1 Cup

5. Water – 2 Cups

6. Rose Essence – 3 drops

Step by Step instructions

1. Boil 1 cup of milk with a pinch of salt

2. When the milk starts to boil, add maida little by little and stir. The milk and maida will form a crumbly dough. Don’t worry about any lumps being formed

3. Switch off the flame and mix the milk-maida dough

4. Let it cool down to room temperature or till your fungers can handle the heat.

5. Spread some ghee or oil on your fingers and spend next 10 mins in kneading the dough

6. It will be a soft dough. now separate the dough into balls. 1 cup of maida will yield around 12 big balls

7. Take the chapathi rolling plank and dust it with flour. Take a maida ball, roll it into a thin roti. Now we have to cut circles with a diameter of 6cm. For this you may use a cookie cutter. I just used the small porcelain cup that I had but I suggest using something with a sharp edge

8. Take three circles

9. Sprinkle some flour on them

10. Stack them together

11. Now with a knife make four slits so that the circle is divided into sectors but you have to leave some 2cm in the center

12. Place the circles on the counter. Now fold one petal (one sector) so that it forms the inner most petal for the rose

13. Next fold the petal right opposite to the one you folded. You have to fold it around the petal you just folded

14. After folding the top and bottom petals, fold left and right petals around the petals already folded

15. Continue folding all the petals in the same fashion

16. Now that a rose flower is completed, place it on a plate

17. Boil water and sugar in a pan till the sugar melts. Add rose water and let it simmer in low flame

18. Heat oil in a kadai. When the oil is hot, carefully add the rose flower to the oil and fry it till golden brown in low flame

19. Take the flower out of oil and let the oil drain in a tissue paper

20. Now the flower has to be dipped in the simmering sugar syrup. Spoon the syrup into the flower, make sure it’s well coated and take it out

21 place the flower on a serving plate and serve it hot or cold!

Here is a video showing how to make the flowers

Please note:

1. 1 cup maida gives 11 to 12 flowers

2. Fry the flower in low flame and keep turning the flower so that the inside of the flower is also well cooked


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