Saag Aloo

Saag Aloo

Saag Aloo is a close relative of Saag Paneer which is a varaiation of Palak Paneer. Growing up in Chennai, I never had saag paneer or saag aloo. Palak paneer was widely available and loved. When we moved to US, that’s when I came across Saag Paneer. While palak paneer uses ‘palak’ leaves, Saag paneer and Saag aloo use spinach and mustard greens. What are Mustard Greens? Are they good for our health? read on…

Saag Aloo

Please read the following article from Whole Foods.

Mustard greens have high cholesterol lowering ability. Are rich in Vit C, E, A and K. Its a good detox and an antioxidant. It is anti inflammatory which aids support in cardio vascular problems.


Saag Aloo

With spinach and mustard greens both in this dish, I must say its a very tasty and healthy dish

Saag Aloo


1. Spinach – 1 bunch (Cleaned in water. I soak my spinach in water  for 10 mins so that all the mud comes out)

2. Mustard Greens – 1 bunch

3. Green Chillies – 2

4. Medium sized onions -2 (cut into half moons ref pic 1)

5. Medium sized tomatoes – 2 (i used roma tomatoes – ref pic 2)

6. turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp

7. red chilli powder – 1/2 tsp

8. coriander powder – 1 tsp

9. salt to taste

10. Potatoes – 4 boiled and chopped into big pieces

11. Cinnamon – 1 stick

12. Cumin Seeds – 1 tbspn

13. Oil of Sauteing

14. Milk 1 tbspn

16. Yoghurt 2 tbspn



1. Soak spinach and mustard greens in water for 10 mins so that all the dirt comes out.

2. Finely chop onions and tomatoes

3. Heat 1 tbspn oil in a pan and once the once the oil is hot onion and salt. After 5 minutes once the onion turns transparent add 2 green chillies and tomatoes. Saute till the tomatoes turn mushy. add turmeric powder

saag aloo steps

4. Drain water from spinach and coarsely cut it. Add spinach to the tomato onion masala and saute till it wilts

5. Drain water from mustard greens. Coarsely cut it – I retain the stalks too. Add mustard greens to the masala and saute till it wilts.

6. Turn off flame and let the contents cool down to warm. Transfer the masala to a mixer and grind it into a coarse paste. I usually ‘pulse’ for 2 to 4 times

saag aloo steps

7. Now heat oil in the pan. Temper cumin seeds and cinnamon stick

8. Carefully add the coarse saag paste and saute well. Do a taste check for salt. At this point it should be slightly salty as we are yet to add potatoes

9. Add 1 tbspn of milk , 2 tbspn of yoghurt, chilli powder and coriander powder

10. when the mixture comes together, add cooked and chopped potatoes and mix well. Serve this curry with soft chapathis and rice

saag aloo steps


Saag Aloo


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