Kalakand/Qalaqand /Kalakanu ~~ Deepavali Special




Happy Deepavali to all my readers! Deepavali means sweet.. Carackers..happiness… joy. When I grew up in Chennai I used to eagerly wait for Deepavali to taste the milk sweet from ‘Sri Mithai Sweets’. My mind mom’s office would give her a packet of Kalakand from Sri Mithai which at that time was a rarity in other shops. That so soft grainy textured sweet cooked to perfection that would melt in the mouth was such a sweet pleasure. To me Sri Mithai meant Kalakand n Kalakand has to be had only from Sri Mithai..

Years later, this year I surprised my family by preparing this addictive sweet. I used only 1 ltr milk and got 8 pieces.yes, its that rich.

Milk 4 cups
Sugar 1/4 cup and 2 tbspn
Ghee or butter to grease the plate


1. Heat 2 cups of milk in a saucepan. If you are using a stainless steel pan, pour a spoon of water before adding milk. This will help with the milk not sticking to the sides of the pan (pic I)
2. When the milk comes to a roaring boil, add 2 spoons lemon juice and let the milk curdle (pic II)
3. In a strainer lined with cheese cloth, filter off the whey and retain the fresh paneer (pic III)
4. Wash the paneer in cold runny water and let it hang in the cloth for an hour (pic IV)
5. In another pan, heat 2 cups of milk in med- low heat till it reduces to 1/2. It took me almost 45 mins (pic IX)


6. Now crumble the paneer and add it to the boiling milk (pic X)
7. Keep stirring for another 15 to 20 mins (pic XI)
8. Milk thickens and you will be see the bottom of the vessel as you stir (pic XV)
9. Now add the sugar. The thick milk will turn watery as sugar melts (pic XVI)
10. In another 15 mins, it comes together like a jelly (pic XVII)

Kalakand Making

11. Now switch off the flame and transfer the contents to a greased pan
12. Adjust the sides so that its a perfect square. Garnish with thinly sliced pista and saffron soaked in milk (pic XVIII)
13. Cut into slices. You can serve after 15 mins

Happy Deepavali! What sweets did you prepare this year?


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