Panchamrutham – a healthy dessert


The grand celebrations of the ‘Navarathiri’ festival have finally come to an end and we are wrapping up and stocking away those golu dolls till next year. Now on the kitchen front, I am left with a cornucopia of fruits (apples, bananas, grapes, rambuttan, mango, dates and pear), all nearing their expiry. How does one consume so many fruits? The answer is ‘Panchamrutham’.


Panchamrutham is a healthy and tasty dessert made with mixed fruits and jaggery. All you have to do is cut the fruits, mash the bananas, add the jaggery and voila you are done. You can call it the Indian fruit salad. In Chennai, temples usually serve Panchamrutham as an offering to the Gods. The Palani temple is known for its panchamrutham. At home, my dad usually prepares this dessert with all the remaining fruits in the fridge. This time, my husband prepared this wonderful panchamrutham. Here is the recipe…



1. Mixed fruits and Bananas – I used apples, bananas, grapes, mango, rambuttan, dates, pear

2. Jaggery – start with 2 tbspn and add if needed

3. Ghee – 1 tsp

4. Cardamom – 3 or 4 pods crushed

5. Honey – 1 tbspn

6. Pachai karpooram (edible camphor) – 1 small piece


1. Mash the bananas and finely chop the fruits

2. In a big bowl, add the fruits, Jaggery, roughly crushed cardamom pods, honey and mix well.

3. take a small piece of pachai karpooram and powder it  on the panchamrutham

4. Mix well. Drizzle a tbspn of ghee

5. Let it rest for 30 mins. You will see that the water starts to come out of the fruits making the dish slightly soggy

6. This is the right consistency. Scoop into a bowl and serve with love!

  •  While you are preparing at home, you can get creative and use any fruit but you should not skip bananas.
  • After you mix in the fruits with the jaggery, you have to let it rest. Probably place it in the refrigerator. The more it marinades in the jaggery, the better it tastes

2 thoughts on “Panchamrutham – a healthy dessert

  1. Hi Saranya, many thanks for the recipe…I tried to today and it came to very well….my family loved it….only change I made was add kalkandu(square sugar as my son calls it instead of honey).
    My son is now asking me to make more!

    Cheers, MS
    please . Are you on the Euphoric Delights FB page…


  2. Hi MS, thanks a lot for your feedback. It really means a lot :). I used to be on ED. I will definitely try out your method of using kalkandu.


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