Simili Urundai

Simili Urundai

Simili Urundai is a traditional sweet made with sesame seeds during Navarathiri Saturdays. When I was looking for a sweet to prepare for Neivedyam, my mom suggested and made this sweet. Its very easy to prepare and tastes so good. It has no ghee and is made out of just sesame and jaggery which makes it very healthy too.

Simili Urundai


White Sesame Seeds – 1/2 Cup

Jaggery – 1/2 Cup

Elachi Pods – 3 to 4


1. In a wide pan, pour the white sesame seeds and dry roast for few minutes carefully without burning the sesame seeds. The seeds should pop

2. Turn off the flame and let the sesame seeds cool down

3. Meanwhile measure and take 1/2 cup jaggery in a mixer. Add 3 elachi pods

4. Add the sesame seeds to the mixer and grind to a fine powder

5. Transfer the powder to a plate and make small balls out of it

6. Serve these tasty Simili Urundais along with Sundal during Navarathiri Saturdays


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