Sabudhana Kichdi

Sabudhana Kichdi

Sabudhana Kichdi is a famous Maharashtrian recipe especially made during the Navarathiri season. Maharashrtians follow a fast during the Navarathiri season and Sabudhana kichdi is one recipe that’s prepared frequently in addition to Sabudhana vada. Though I have heard a lot about this recipe, I never had a chance to try it until recently. The first time I made this, I followed a cook book I had but it didn’t work out as the sabudhana pearls were very chewy. Later, my mother in law who had lived in Mumbai for a while gave me this recipe and it worked great.

She mentioned that the key to the best Sabudhana kichdi is the pre soaking step. There are many kinds of sabudhana pearls available in the market. The variety I used is medium in size. This had to be soaked for 2 hours.

Sabudhana Kichdi


1. Sabudhana Pearls – 1/2 cup

2. Potato – 1 (boiled and chopped)

3. Coarse peanut powder – 1/4 cup

4. Green Chilies – 2 small chopped

5. Ginger 1 inch

6. Oil to temper

7. Mustard Seeds – 1/4 tsp

8. Cumin Seeds – 1/4 tsp

9. Salt to taste


1. Wash sabudhana in water and soak it for 2 hours (Soaking time varies with the type of sabudhana. Some varieties require overnight soaking)

2. Once the sabudhana is ready to use (To check for this, try to squeeze a sabudhana. You should be able to squeeze it), Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds once the oil is hot

3. Once mustard splutters, add cumin seeds followed by green chillies, finely chopped ginger and potato

4. Stir well so that the potato is coated with cumin and chillies

5. Strain any water off the sabudhana and add the sabudhana to the pan. Add required salt and mix.

6. Remove the pan from the flame. Add coarse peanut powder and finely chopped coriander leaves and mix well

7. You may optionally add 1/2 tsp of lemon juice at the end.

Tasty Sabudhana Kichdi is ready. It can be relished as such or with a spoon of yoghurt


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