Paneer Paratha

Paneer Paratha

Paneer Paratha

Its summer but looks like the traces of the bad winter we experienced earlier this year are still here. We had a summer day with 68 F, which is usually uncommon as I have seen temperatures go up to 100 F during this time of the year. 

With weather so bad, we needed some savory indulgence to keep our spirits high. Something warm but not a soup. Something that’s a complete meal by itself. That’s when I prepared these Paneer Parathas. You can serve it warm along with pickle and raita and its a complete meal. 

I usually use store bought paneer claiming the lack of time as a reason to mask the laziness but for this particular paratha, I made my own paneer – of course with shortcuts. Homemade paneer is soft and with that I find rolling the parathas are easy. You can always try with store bought or homemade.

Paneer Paratha


Whole Wheat Flour or Multigrain Atta – 5 cups

Whole milk – 1 medium sized mug

Salt – to taste

Water – to knead the flour

Big Lemon – 1


1. Mix together whole wheat flour, water and salt and knead into a soft pliable dough

2. Let the dough rest for few mins as you make the paneer . Though I use store bought paneer for other dishes, I prefer homemade paneer for this particular paratha. Homemade paneer is soft and its easier to roll the paratha when its stuffed with soft paneer

3. To prepare paneer, heat milk till its warm. Squeeze the juice off one big lemon and add it to milk. Let it rest for 2 minutes. You will see that the milk starts to curdle and separates into cream and whey

4. At this point we usually filter out the whey and tie the cream in a muslin cloth for 15 minutes. Instead of placing the cream in a muslin cloth, I used a small handheld tea filter.

5. I used a small spoon to gently press on the cream on the filter so that any remaining whey is expelled from the cream. Now what is left is Paneer

6. Place the fresh paneer in a small bowl and add little bit of salt. Remember that we have already added salt to the dough. You might optionally add some finely chopped green chilli and coriander leaves but I skipped them as I was planning to serve this to my LO.

7. Pinch a small dough ball, roll it in flour and make a small round roti. Now place some paneer at the centre and close the roti’s edges towards its centre so that the paneer is well covered by the dough

8. Dust the dough again in flour and roll into a round paratha

9. Heat a griddle and place the paratha once the griddle is hot

10. You might start the heat at medium temperature and gradually reduce it for later parathas if you are using a electric or coil range

11. Once the paratha is evenly browned or puffed, tasty paneer paratha is ready. You can serve it with simply a pickle and raita or a dal


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