Avocado Chapathi

Avocado Chapathi

When I started cooking as a newly wed, making chapathis was the toughest job and it would take me a whole 1 hr from preparing the dough to making the chapathis and I would hate doing the job. Now after a kid I find myself making chapathis so quickly. I like making chapathis now as it feels so therapeutic after a long day of running around behind esp when someone else is watching the kids. 🙂

I look forward to recipes that add some twist to the usual chapathis. One such recipe is this Avocado chapathi. Its the softest chapathis I have ever had, next to my mom’s chapathis. Plus its an easy way to make toddlers and adults eat avocados. 2 in 1!

Avocado Chapathi


Whole wheat flour(atta) – 2 cups

Avocado –  1

Salt to taste

Water to make a moist flour

Some more wheat flour for dusting



1. In a wide vessel, mix atta, salt, water and knead well

2. Peel the skin off one avocado and mash the flesh and add it to the atta mix

3. Knead well. Make small dough balls, dust it with wheat flour and roll them into chapathis

4. Heat a tawa. Once the tawa is hot, place the rolled chapathis

5. When the chapathi puffs up or forms smaller bubbles turn it over

6. When both the sides are done remove it from the tawa

7. Serve avocado chapathis with any side dish of your choice. This time I served them with some kala chenna masala.

Please note: Avocado chapathis are usually very soft. I usually prepare the chapathis by making the dough very soft. This method consumes more flour for dusting but I am ok with it as the chapathis are very soft and you can pull them apart with one finger.





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