5 min Popcorn

Pop Corn


I recently read chefinyou.com’s  popcorn recipe and had been planning to try it. Finally I got a chance today and it tasted so great! Its one of those very simple recipes which still give amazing results. And it’s so easy to make that I bet you will never go back to store made popcorn!

Corn kernels 1/4 cup. I used Trader Joe’s brand corn kernels
Coconut oil 1.5 tbspn
Salt to taste

1. Take a deep vessel and place the corn kernels, oil and salt and mix well
2. Close the vessel with a lid that has a vent
3. Heat the vessel in medium heat and constantly shake the vessel. This is to ensure that all kernels pop
4. Within 2 minutes you will hear popping and the popping will complete in 1-2 mins
5. Switch off stove once the popping sound stops
6. Open lid and drizzle with butter or any other flavor of your choice and enjoy!

I am yet to try this recipe on a microwave. I will update my experience after I try that


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