Chenna Masala Powder

Chenna Masala Powder

When I was searching for ‘Chenna masala powder’ instead of using store bought masala powder, I stumbled upon Lisa’s homemade chenna masala powder recipe here. I tried it and the masala was better than store bought powders!


1. Coriander seeds – 1 Tbspn

2. Cumin seeds – 2 Tbspn

3. Cardamom seeds – 2/3 Tspn

4. Black pepper – 2/3 Tspn

5. Red Chillies – 1

6. Ginger – pinch

7. Cloves – 1/3 Tspn

8. Cinnamon – 1

9. Amchur powder – 1/3 Tspn

Method of Preparation:

1. Dry roast all the above mentioned ingredients and grind them into a fine powder

2. This masala was sufficient to make Chenna masala for two people


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