Asparagus Paruppu Usili

Asparagus Paruppu Usili

I found this interesting recipe on and immediately tried it. It tasted awesome! I had never tried anything else with Asparagus and this was a good try!

Asparagus Paruppu Usili
Asparagus Paruppu Usili


1. Asparagus

2. Toor Dhal – 1/2 cup

3. salt

4. Red chilli, mustard

5. oil

6. water

How to prepare:

1. Wash and soak toor dhal for 30 minutes

2. Grind it with required quantity of salt and one red chilli

3. Pour the batter into a microwaveable container and microwave for 7-8 minutes

4. The batter would have solidified and become spongy

5. Let it cool for 2 minutes

6. Cut the dhal cake and grind it in the mixture so that it granulates

7. Take care that it doesn’t grind to very small granules or a paste

8. Clean and cut asparagus into small slices

9. In a kadai, heat oil. When the oil heats add mustard and red chilli

10. Add the cut asparagus and salt

11. When the asparagus is cooked, add the granulated dal


4 thoughts on “Asparagus Paruppu Usili

  1. Hello Madam,

    Asparagus is a vegetable which we get here in US. Its usually used in American dishes, mostly grilled/ boiled. It looks like a bunch of green colored stems. When I cooked it, it tasted some what like beans paruppu usili, except that the asparagus was juicy like cucumber. has more information on asparagus.


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