Hawaiian style mixed veggie soup!

Hawaiian style mixed veggie soup

I invented this soup by chance. I badly needed to make one soup and was too lazy to lookup recipes. I just used all those left over veggies inside the fridge and It turned out to be a different taste!

Ingredients: ( For 2)

1. Tomatoes  – 2

2. Carrots – 1

3. Brocolli – 1

4. Peas – few

5. Pineapple – 1 slice

6. Turnip – 2 small

7. Onions – 1

8. Garlic – 1 clove

9. Ginger – 1

10. Butter

11. Pepper

12. Salt

How to prepare:

1. Cut the veggies.

2. Grind them into a fine paste.

3. In a kadai, add little butter and when the butter melts add pepper.

4. Add crushed garlic and ginger.  

5. Add the ground veggie paste and add required salt and let it boil

6. Tasty soup is ready! Serve with a drop of butter.

The pineapple gave it a slight tangy taste and ginger and garlic added to the flavour.  I was so hungry that I couldn’t wait to take a photo! 🙂   I am sending this to ‘No Croutons Required’ started by Lisa of Lisa’s Kitchen and hosted this month by Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes – The Spanish Vegetarian.



3 thoughts on “Hawaiian style mixed veggie soup!

  1. I have a very colourful image of your soup with all those lovely ingredients. No wonder it vanished so fast. My was a bit like that too…. rummage… hmmm…this… that… hey presto!
    cheerio, Nic @ nipitinthebud


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