Avocado Chutney (Guacamole with a difference)

Avocado Chutney (Guacamole with a difference)

 People usually use green chillies while making fresh vegetable chutneys. I made this with red chillies and cumin seeds instead, which gave it a different flavour.

Ingredients: (Serves 2)

1. Avocados – 2

2. onions – 1

3. Cumin Seeds

4. Red chillies

5. Lime juice

6. Salt – as per taste.

How to prepare:

1. Cut avocadoes and remove the seed.

2. Cut onions.

3. Combine avocadoes and onion into a mixer and add red chilli and cumin seeds.

4. Grind well with little water.

5. Add lime juice, salt and grind well.

6. Tasty avocado chutney is ready. It tastes well with steamed rice, chapathis, or just as a dip!


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