Pineapple Rasam

Pineapple Rasam

I got this recipe from  Ranji’s Kitchen. It turned out very tasty.

Pineapple Rasam
Pineapple Rasam


1. Pineapple – 1/2 (few chopped), few juiced

2. Tomatoes – 2

3. Mustard – few

4. Cumin Seeds – few

5. Red Chilli – 1

 6. Rasam Powder – as per taste

7. Steamed toor dhal – as per consistency

8. Water

9. Salt

10. Chilli powder

11. oil

12. turmeric powder

13. garlic – 2 cloves

How to prepare:

1.  In a kadai, heat oil, add mustard, cumin seeds, mashed garlic, red chilli.

2. Add turmeric powder, chilli powder, tomatoes, pineapple.

3. Stir for few minutes and add rasam powder, steamed toor dhal.

4. Add pineapple juice, water. Add salt to taste and let it boil for sometime.

5. Tasty Pineapple rasam is ready. Add coriander leaves to garnish.


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