Periya Kathirikai gotsu

Periya Kathirikai gotsu

My MIL taught me this dish. Though I am yet to try this, I am making note of this.


1. Bangalore Brinjal – 1

2. Oil – little

3. Mustard – few

4. Asafoetida – little

5. Red Chilly – few

6. Vendayam – few

How to prepare:

1. Apply little oil on brinjal and keep it directly on stove and roast. Carefully rotate the brinjal, so that it gets cooked evenly.

2. When the skin starts to come out, remove it from stove.

3. Remove the skin and mash the brinjal.

4. Heat little oil in kadai, Add mustard. When mustard splatters, add asafoetida, red chillies, fenugreek seeds.

5. Add the mashed brinjal and add salt as per taste.

6. Cook the gotsu for some time.

7. The gotsu is ready to be served as a side dish to chapathi.


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