Jeeraga Rasam

Jeeraga Rasam

A healthy rasam. My mom taught me today.

Jeeraga Rasam
Jeeraga Rasam


1. Curry Leaves

2. Coriander Leaves

3. Garlic cloves

4. Tamarind

5. Jeera

6. Pepper

7. Toor Dhal

8. Red chilli

How to prepare:

1.  Grind the ingredients in a mixer, first without water and then with 1 spoon water.

2.  Boil the mixture with little water.

3.  Add salt to the boiling mixture.

4.  When the mixture reduces in content, add some water. Heat for few minutes and remove it from fire.

5. In a same kadai, heat little ghee and add some mustard. When the mustard splatters, add asaefoetida, add the mixture to rasam.

6. Add some curry leaves for garnishing.


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