Paruppu Podi

Paruppu Podi



1.Toor Dhal – 2 Cups

2. Red Chillies –  8 to 10

3. Pepper – 1 spoon

4. Jeera – 1 spoon

5. Rock Salt – As per taste

6. Asafoetida powder – 1 spoon

How to prepare:

1. In a kadai, roast toor dhal, till it becomes red.

2. Keep the roasted toor dhal aside and in the same kadai, roast jeera, red chilli and pepper.

3. When the jeera and pepper starts bursting, remove it from fire and mix with toor dhal.

4. Heat the rock salt, till it loses its dampness.

5. In a kadai, with little oil, fry the asafoetida blocks and add it to the roasted mixture. Alternatively, powdered asafoetida can also be added.

6. Allow the roasted contents to cool for a while and grind it till it becomes a soft powder.

7. The paruppu podi is ready. It can be had with rice.


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