Thakali Dosa (Tomato dosa)

Thakali Dosa (Tomato dosa)


1. Tomatoes – 4 or 5

2. red chillies – 5

3. salt

4. Asafoetida

How to prepare:

Method 1: (This cant be refrigerated)

1. Grind the ingredients into fine paste and add it to the dosa batter mixture.

2. Make it into dosas immediately.

Method 2: (To store and make thakali dosas)

1. To 2 cups of rice, add 1/4 kg tomatoes, 1 handful urud dhall, salt, red chilli (7 or 8), Asafoetida and grind well.

2. Make these into dosas.

3. This batter can be refrigerated and used for a week.

I am sending this recipe to Padma’s Recipes 1st Event ‘Dosa Corner’


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