Sweet Kozhakattai

Sweet Kozhakattai

This is a ‘Vinayaka Chaturti speciality’. Its a very popular Indian sweet and is also referred as ‘Mothak’ or ‘Mothakam’. My mom made it recently and I got the recipe from her.



1.Raw rice

2. Water

3.Gingely oil

4. Salt

For Purnam:

1. 1/2 coconut – grated.

2. Jaggery

How to prepare:

Purnam Preparation:

1. To grated coconut add jaggery and stir well in sim.

2. When the mixture becomes dry, add powdered elachi powder. Mix well and make them small balls.


Batter Preparation:

1.  Soak the rice in cold water for half an hour, wash and drain.

2. allow the rice to dry.

3. grind it into fine powder.

4. Boil 3/4th cup water.

5. Add salt, 2 spoons gingely oil to water.

6. Add one cup of rice powder to water with constant stirring.

7. Mix well into a thick batter. close the mixture and keep it aside for 30 mins.

8. Make it a soft dough and make small cups.

9. Stuff the purnam into a cup and close the edges.

10. Steam the kozhakattais in cooker.

I am sending this to Padmajha’s Let’s go nuts event.


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