Mirchi ka Salan

Mirchi ka Salan

Mirchi ka Salan is Andhra Pradesh dish. Its spicy and goes well with parathas/ chapathis. Mirchi means Chillies in hindi and Salan is a side dish with vegetable. Mirchi ka Salan is a side dish made with chillies.


1. Green Chillies  – 4 or 5

2. Ginger-Garlic paste

3. Tamarind juice extract – 4 tsp

4. Salt

5. Curd – 1cup

6. Water

7. oil

To roast & grind:

1. Peanuts

2. Sesame Seeds

3. Cumin Seeds

4. Coriander Seeds

5. Onions – 1 or 2 (Chopped)

6. Grated coconut

How to prepare:

1. Slit the green chillies and remove the white color seeds inside.

2. Roast the following dry: Peanuts, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds.

3. With little oil, fry the onions till they become transparent.

4. Grind the roasted ingredients with fried onion and grated coconut, so that it becomes a sticky mixture.

5. In a pan with little oil, saute the chillies for 2 minutes and keep them aside.

6. In the same pan, add the ground mixture.

7. Add ginger-garlic paste and tamarind juice.

8. Add curd, salt and water to the gravy.

9. Add the fried chillies and allow the gravy to boil.

10. Spicy Mirchi ka Salan is now ready. Garnish it with coriander leaves and serve it hot as a sidedish for parathas.



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