Paneer Kebab

Paneer Kebab

I learnt this dish long ago from a TV show. It is easy to make and when I made it, it was an instant hit at home. Just forget the calories and indulge in its taste.

Ingredients: (all below ingredients are as per consistency)

1. Paneer – 250 gms

2. Tomato sauce

3. chilli sauce

4. Maida

5. Corn flour

6. Kashmiri chilli powder (this chilli imparts good color and is less spicy)

How to prepare:

1. Cut paneer into cubes. With the help of a fork/ tooth pick, slightly poke the paneer so that the masala after adding would get into it.

2. Add maida, corn flour, tomato sauce, chilli sauce to paneer.

3. Add kashmiri chilli powder.

4. Mix the paneer carefully such that it doesn’t break and leave it for 30 mins.

5. Deep fry the paneer in oil.

6. Tasty paneer kebabs are ready.


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