Seven Cakes

Seven Cakes



My mom made this for Deepavali and I helped her. Its very easy and less time consuming with almost no preparatory work.

Time taken : 30 mins


1. Bengal gram powder: 1 cup

2. Milk                           1 cup

3. Ghee                          1 cup

4. grated coconut          1 cup

5. Sugar                         3 cups

So total 7 cups and hence the name 7 cake 🙂

6. Cardamom powder 

7. Cashew/ Badam

How to prepare:

1. In a deep flat kadai, add all the ingredients.

2. Keep the kadai on flame and continously stir, till the batter becomes non sticky.


Making of 'Seven Cakes'
Making of

3. Grease a flat plate with ghee and keep it ready.

4. Once the batter doesn’t stick to the sides of the kadai, add cardamom powder and pour it on the greased plate and level the surface.

5. It would solidify in few seconds. Add finely chopped badam/cashew and cut it into dollars or squares.

6. Tasty ‘Seven Cake’ is ready now.



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