Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli


In Hindi Kaju means Cashew. Kaju Katli is a sweet cake made out of cashew and sugar. It requires very less ghee. Though its very easy to make, it is very rich in taste. Kaju Katli is the most expensive sweet when purchased outside.

This time we tried Kaju Katli at home and it came out very well. My mom made it. Here is the recipe:


1. Cashew : 1 cup

2. Sugar:      3/4 of a cup

3. Ghee: 1 spoon

4. Water

How to prepare:

1. Heat cahsew in oven or in kadai without oil or ghee for 2 minutes

2. Powder the heated cashew in a mixer without water.

3. Prepare sugar syrup till it comes to a string consistency.

4. Add cashew to the syrup and take it off the flame.

5. Mix it well so that it comes like a chapathi batter.

6. Make thick chapathis with this. Cut it into diamonds.

7. Remember that the thickness of the chapathis is the thickness of the cake.

8. Tasty Kaju Katli is now ready 🙂


2 thoughts on “Kaju Katli

  1. Hi Saranya,

    Kaju katli looks very inviting 🙂 Perfect click!

    I have posted my version of Kaju katli in my blog. Do visit my blog in ur free time. Would be happy to receive ur comments 🙂


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