Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri:

Ingredients :

1. Puffed rice              4 cups
2. Sev                         2 cups
3. Onion                     1 no finely chopped
4. Tomato                  2 nos finely chopped
5. Mango                    1/2 cup finely chopped.
6. Tumeric                 1 tsp
7. Carrot grated          1/4 Cup.
8. Cucumber               1/2 Cup finely chopped.
9. Potatoes                 2 nos boiled,peeled & cubed
10. salt,chilli pwd       to taste 
11. Green chutney         
12. sweet chutney

How to make:

For Green chutney:
Cilantro               1/2 bunch
green chillies      6 nos
potato wafers      1 tsp
salt & lemon juice.
Blend all the above to a fine paste & reserve.
Sweet/sour chutney:
Tamarind extract     1 cup
Pitted Dates             1/2 cup
Brown sugar             1 Tbsp.
Cumin Powder          2 tsp.
Chilli Powder            2 Tsp.
Salt                           Acc to taste          
Boil the above till they reduce by half & cool. Grind it to  smooth consistency.
For Bhel poori:
Mix all the ingredients & serve in an individual plates immediately. In case of party, keep everything
seperately in individual bowls & let the guests mix them by themselves.


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