Vegetable Gold Coins

                                                    Vegetable Gold Coins

I got this recipe from internet. It tasted very good and was also different.

Vegetable Gold Coins
Vegetable Gold Coins


1. Bread slices 8 nos.

2. Carrots(chopped finely) 100 gms.

3. French beans(chopped finely) 100 gms.

4. Potatoes 75 gms.

5. Capsicum (chopped finely) 1 no.

6. Spring onions(chopped fine) 2 nos.

7. Chili powder ¼ tsp.

8. Soya sauce 1 tsp.

9. Ajinomoto ¼ tsp.  (Optional)

10. Flour ½ cup

11. Seasame seeds 2 tbsps.

12. Oil 1½ tbsps.

13. Oil for frying

14. Salt and pepper to taste

How to prepare:

1.Boil and mash potatoes.

2.Heat oil, add the chopped vegetables and ajinomoto. Saute for 4 minutes.

3.Add potatoes, soya sauce, chili powder and salt. Mix well and cook for another 5 minutes.

4.With a cutter or a sharp lid of a bottle, cut out small rounds of 1½ inch diameter
of the bread slices.

5.Put a little cooked vegetable mixture over each bread round and press in place.

6.Add ¼ cup water to the flour and make a smooth paste.

7.Apply a little paste over the potatoe mixture, taking care to apply the
paste nicely on the edges of the potato dome. So as to join the potatoes with the bread.

8.Sprinkle seasome seeds on top and press gently.

9.Deep fry in hot oil. Turn sides quickly as the bread turns brown very fast.

10.Serve hot with chili-garlic sauce


Instead of cutting the bread, the mixture can be made as a small ball and stuffed inside a batter of bread and flour and fried. This reduces the wastage of bread pieces and also reduces the time. But dont forget to change the name as ‘Vegetable gold balls’.

I am sending this recipe to Priya’s Easy N Tasty Recipe’s AFAM – Bell Peppers which was started by Maheshwari

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